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Since summer is going all out, you might think about whether there's a way that you and your family can fraternize outside. Truly, the excursions to the pool, the long daytime climbs and the ends of the week at the lake are fun, yet it would be similarly pleasant to invest energy unwinding at home. You don't right now have a pool (regardless of the way that you and your mate…

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be wondering if there’s a way that you and your family can spend more time together outdoors.

Yes, the trips to the pool, the long daytime hikes and the weekends at the lake are fun, but it would be equally nice to spend time relaxing at home.

You don’t currently have a pool (despite the fact that you and your spouse have been talking about remedying that for years), yet your home sits on quite a bit of land.

If you’re not quite ready to dive into the expense of adding a swimming pool, there are other ways you can enhance your home that will both increase its value and its footprint.

Yes, we’re talking about adding a deck.

Considering the fact that Pennsylvania, PA has more than 300 days of sunshine every year, the number of days you’ll be able to enjoy this outdoor living space are many.

Below are just a few reasons you’ll want to consider adding a deck to your Pennsylvania Metro Area , home.

The benefits are numerous

First, when you add a deck you’ll be adding livable square footage to your home. Some people like to refer to a deck as being a room without walls. They’re an ideal place to enjoy a meal, or to wind down at the end of the day with a cold beer or a glass of wine. If you like to entertain, a deck can be a wonderful place to spend time with friends and/or family. You may be surprised to learn that there are many types of decking materials, most of which will fit into any budget. If you’re looking for something that has a built-in BBQ or multiple levels, that’s achievable. On the other hand, if you’re looking to be more conservative with your spending, you can still add a deck to your home without breaking the bank.A deck is fully customizable. If your goal is to add a smaller, outdoor space off your kitchen because you envision using it for meals, that’s doable. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to install a deck in your back yard that has a length that’s equal to the length of your home, that’s an option, too. It’s also worth noting that when you add a deck to your home in Denver, you’ll also be increasing the value of your home. This can be especially valuable if you’re planning on putting your house on the market in the next year or two. If house hunters are trying to narrow down their preference to one of two comparable homes, yet only one of those houses has a deck, the home with the deck is more likely to receive a bid.An outdoor deck can also add privacy, especially if you add the right fencing or railings.

Pennsylvania Metro Area

PA Home Services is a family owned and operated renovation and remodeling company that has been providing home services in Denver and its surrounding areas for more than two decades.

If you have questions about the benefits of adding a deck to your home or if you’d like to schedule a time for one of our contractors to come out and provide you with a free deck estimate, we’re happy to help.

Call our office today at 267-882-2601 to get started. Contact PA Home Services today to learn why we’re the most trusted renovation.

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